E-Max Crowns

E-max crown applications are dental veneer applications made of special ceramic material having ideal adaptation with the natural structure of the teeth that is highly strengthened in terms of resistance. High pressure is applied in the laboratory on the ceramic to increase the impact resistance of the material used in these applications.

In which cases the E-Max crown treatments are used?

E-max crown applications may be applied for arranging the aesthetic loss and treating the disease in cases of decaying, breaking or abrasion of teeth at a certain level. For teeth with canal treatment, in case tissues need support, various E-max crown applications may be used for increasing the resistance of fragile teeth. Besides being included in the treatment procedure of diseases, it is frequently preferred within scope of smile makeover and planned aesthetic applications thanks to its superior aesthetic characteristics.

It may be implemented for eliminating aesthetic disadvantages caused by coloration or staining problems of teeth at a certain level. It may be also preferred for closing gaps by slightly increasing size of teeth for individuals having small teeth and intermittent teeth. Crooked teeth may be masked with the help of various E-max applications up to a certain level.

In which cases E-Max crown treatments are not applied?

Even it is possible to produce prosthesis with very high strength via E-max crowns, the used material does not have a suitable structure for restoring areas with missing teeth. Therefore, it is not used for banding applications, particularly in the treatment of long gaps caused by more than one tooth losses. In the availability of a para-functional habit such as teeth grinding or clenching, the force on teeth is higher than a standard chewing function.

In such cases, since it is very difficult for E-max crowns to compensate the force, it is very important to treat the related habit before application of the prosthesis. In case that the para-functional habit treatment is not maintained, preferring the zirconium material with higher resistance may extend the life of the treatment.

Which processes are applied within scope of E-max crown applications?

Thanks to more advantageous strength of porcelain laminate veneers, E-max crown material is preferred frequently. Crown applications covering the entire surface of the tooth can be easily prepared with this material. When it is required to increase the strength of veneer treatment for teeth with canal treatment, endocrine treatments supported from the teeth root may be enabled through these applications. Additionally, E-Max material can be preferred for inlay, onlay and overlay applications which are special filling processes prepared in the laboratory.

What are the advantages of E-Max Crown applications?

  • E-Max crown material has very similar characteristics with the natural teeth structure. Various color options, high light permeability and easy polishing ability help natural treatments.
  • A prosthesis in high harmony with the gum can be produced thanks to the opportunity of preparing the part of the prosthesis exiting from the gum in accordance with appearance of natural teeth.
  • Characteristics such as the smoothness of the polished surface, having high teeth and gum harmony are considerably effective for preventing the plaque retention. Thus, health of the gum tissue can be protected for a long period when routine mouth care is maintained.
  • It has very high resistance against abrasive impacts. This feature allows protection of created smooth surface and color characteristics for long years.
  • Since metal use is not required in E-Max crown applications, the dark and matte look caused by traditional metal infrastructure is not seen. Problems such as grey reflection in the zone close to the gum are not revealed.
  • As it does not contain any metal element, it can be safely used in individuals with metal allergy.
  • Prosthesis can be prepared in a very short period with high tissue adaptation as computer supported applications are used in the design and manufacturing process.
  • The design can be stored for a long period in the computer and these records can be easily used if required.
  • Since no dimensional changes occur in time, the adaptation of the tooth and the crown will not be distorted as long as the prosthesis or the tooth tissue is damaged.
  • Tooth adhesion processes of E-max crowns are performed with a special adhesive not dissolved inside the mouth and enabling a chemical bonding with the tooth. Thus, these prosthesis can be used for long years when attention is paid to protection of tissue health.

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