Smile Makeover

Smile makeover covers all treatment applications planned for fulfilling aesthetic expectations of the person in terms of mouth and teeth during functions such as smiling or speaking. With these applications, arrangement may be planned on many tissues available inside the mouth and a change can be achieved in accordance with the expectation of the person. Many applications performed within this scope, can be designed in digital environment and presented to the patient with alternative designs. During design planning stage, many factors such as general status of the mouth, neighboring relation of teeth, face profile and character features of the patient are taken into consideration. Thus, both the continuity of mouth and teeth health can be supported and treatments with very aesthetic appearance can be planned. Changes to be made are decided and required materials are determined. The time required for material production in the laboratory is very short. It is possible to make applications having high rate of tissue compatibility in a very short period with digital records received with details in the mouth of the patient.

What are the advantages of smile makeover applications?

  • Provides an effective change in the appearance of the person by helping to design a new smile profile.
  • Enables implementation of treatments supporting the natural smiling profile thanks to many materials suitable for the natural teeth appearance.
  • Missing teeth tissues may cause loss of support for lip or chin tissues in certain cases. The treatment applied in such cases may contribute younger appearance of the person by recovering the support of tissues.
  • With aesthetic advantages provided, it is effective in elimination of self-confidence problems arising from the smile profile and may contribute to continuation of the psychological health.
  • Various diseases observed in the teeth or the gum can be treated with the help of several applications planned within scope of the smile makeup.
  • The error margin is minimized since the recording and design preparation processes are realized on the digital system.
  • Received records and designs created in the computer can be easily saved in the digital environment and reused if required. Thus, it may ease the treatment process that is required in the future.

In which cases the smile makeover is applied?

  • When it is requested to hide the deviousness at a certain level observed in teeth.
  • To arrange form disorders observed genetically
  • When it is required to aesthetically arrange tissue losses occurring in teeth due to reasons such as decaying, wear, breaking.
  • When it is required to aesthetically treat gaps caused by teeth losses.
  • When it is required to change the color of teeth or masking the discoloring occurring later.
  • When it is requested to close gaps in individuals having intermittent teeth
  • In case the gum profile is not symmetrical
  • Smile makeover can be applied in cases the teeth and gum appearance rates are not balanced during smiling.

With which applications can the smile makeover applied?

When a gum profile change is required, gingivoplasty and gingivectomy processes can be applied as pink aesthetic applications. These applications may arrange the appearance rate of the gum, gum levelling can be maintained or lip positioning application can be done. In case a change of tooth color is requested, the preferred treatment varies depending on the change and permanency expectation of the person.

Color of teeth can be changed very quickly, apparently and reversibly with teeth whitening applications. In cases that more whitening is requested for the teeth and permanent color change is required, various prosthesis treatments may be planned suitable for existing conditions of teeth. While minimal changes in shape characteristics of teeth can be maintained with special filling applications, various prosthesis applications may be required for achieving major changes.

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