All on 4 Implant Applications

All on 4 implant applications are treatments using minimum number of implants possible through placement of dental implants having special dimensions to positions special for the treatment inside the jaw in order to create support areas for fixed prosthesis covering the entire jaw.

It is a suitable treatment alternative for persons willing to make fixed prosthesis or patients not possible to use moving prosthesis in a comfortable way when all teeth are lost in the jaw. Even in cases that sufficient bone tissue is not available for implant in all areas of the jawbone line, it can be implemented when the bone level required for implant only in specific areas. Thanks to this feature, it enables implant and fixed prosthesis applications covering the entire jaw in many patients without any additional surgical process. Number of implants required for the system is minimum 4, and that can increase up to 8 depending on current status and volume characteristics of jaw bones. Immediately after the treatment, it can enable implementation of temporary teeth prosthesis, therefore aesthetic losses depending on tooth loss and speaking disorders can be eliminated within a very short period of time.

How the treatment is performed in All on 4 Implant Applications?

Initially, a detailed examination is required for treatment with the All on 4 method. Clinical and radiographic findings of the individual is examined during the first planned examination, several records are taken and eligibility of the patient for implant applications and alternatives of prosthesis treatments are assessed. Size, volume and quality of the jawbone in different areas are considered for assessing eligibility of dental implant treatment. Additionally, adequacy of the gum tissue is taken into consideration due to being an important element in the success of implant treatments. Current condition of tissues can rarely be inadequate for All on 4 applications. However, the problem may be eliminated by implementing additional surgical processes to increase the tissue amount in related areas in such cases. In rare cases requiring additional surgical operations, adequate volume can be created by adding bone meal and All on 4 treatment can be initiated after the required period passes as required for the new bone to reach the required quality in the area.

If required conditions are available for the All on 4 application, both jaws are measured to design the temporary prosthesis to be prepared. Following this process, detailed assessments are made through the three dimensional computer supported tomography and position and size characteristics are determined for implants to be placed in the most suitable way for prosthesis planned to be prepared within the mouth. Application session can start after determining all details to be required during the treatment phase.

Dental implant application can be completed comfortably without pain under local anesthesia or in cases the person is afraid of treatment processes, sedation or general anesthesia may be applied to provide a more comfortable environment to the patient by controlling the anxiety. Treatment starts by extracting teeth in case the patient has teeth inside the mouth but required to be extracted as all teeth in the mouth are damaged. Following teeth extractions, implant applications may be done within the same session or completion of recovery process of related tissues can be waited. After passing to the implant application, a slot will be prepared in the jaw bone in accordance with characteristics of implants to be placed and implants are placed in related slots. Then, temporary prosthesis created with the jaw size are placed on implants. In order to enable creation of an ideal connection with the bone after completing the bone bonding process, approximately a 3 months waiting period is in question. After completing this period, required controls will be performed and permanent teeth prosthesis are fixed on implants.


Things to be considered after the All on 4 Treatment

Minimal pain and edema is normal in the All on 4 application as a surgical operation is performed and a certain level of change occurs in tissues. It is very useful to apply cold compresses in the first 24 hours following the treatment in order to control this situation as much as possible and to ensure that it heals quickly. In addition to this application, the use of the drugs that the dentist will prescribe following the treatment in accordance with the physician’s recommendations will significantly accelerate the healing process in the region and contribute significantly to a comfortable post-treatment period. In the post-treatment period, it should be considered that the implants are in the process of fusing with the bone tissue, and care should be taken to keep the load on the temporary dental prosthesis minimal. In this first trimester, it is important to avoid hard and sticky foods and to focus on soft foods in the diet for the ideal connection to occur. After the transition to permanent prostheses, the person can return to the standard diet.

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