Sinus Lifting, Bone Grafting and Augmentation

Sinus lifting, bone grafting and augmentation treatments are applied for increasing the jawbone volume, that is lost due to several reasons, by improving the bone development in related areas. Bone meals, also named as the bone graft, can be defined as materials placed in related areas for that reason.

The augmentation process, covering placing and fixing grafts in the related area, is preferred for increasing the width or length of the bone. Additionally, that can be applied for raising the sinus gap bottom in cases it is lowered due to bone destruction.

In which cases the sinus lifting, bone grafting and augmentation is preferred?

The bone tissue may be lost depending on factors such as tooth extraction, gum disease or bone thinning developing due to age or apsis development in the jawbone or trauma. In case one or more factors are observed, it may not be possible to implement a treatment enabling recovery of functions in the area. In this case, bone augmentation applications may be preferred for protecting the mouth, teeth and jaw health for a long period and recovering the lost tissues. Augmentation application may prepare the area for solving functional and aesthetic problems. In cases the functional problems in the related area can be organized via various teeth treatments, it can be implemented for extending the life of the treatment to be performed by creating more ideal conditions. With these applications, the bone tissue will be prepared for implantation applications required for treating the gaps inside the mouth.

How the sinus lifting, bone grafting and augmentation is applied?

During the first examination, despite the mainline of the treatment is determined through clinical and radiographic findings of the patient, detailed treatment planning is performed through detailed examination of three dimensional radiographies. Processes to be implemented in the treatment determined with the joint decision of the doctor and the patient may be applied comfortably with the local anesthetics. Following the local anesthetics application, bone arrangement is performed when required in the area of application. If the sinus lifting will be implemented, the area is prepared for reaching the membrane surrounding the sinus gap and the membrane is released from the bone tissue. Suitable bone graft is placed to areas planned for bone tissue improvement and the bone graft in the area is fixed with a special membrane. Soft tissues to surround the related area will be connected with stitches and the area is completely covered and the treatment is completed.

Can bone augmentation applications can be done in the same session with the implantation?

The main factor determining implementation of processes within the same session is the stabilization of the implant to be implemented. In order to stabilize the implant, the bone meal can be placed in the area and the implantation can be performed within the same session when adequate tissue amount is available. In cases without the possibility of stabilization, if the treatment is performed at the same time, both treatments will fail, therefore they should be planned in different times. In this case, initially the ideal ossification is waited in the area with bone graft placement and later, the implant treatment will be initiated.

Sinus lifting, bone graft and augmentation applications are performed and monitored in our clinic by our expert doctor team. You can get appointment from our clinic to receive detailed information about your need for treatment and consult our experienced doctors.

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