Surgical Tooth Extraction

Surgical tooth extraction is the process of surgical removal of teeth threatening the mouth and teeth health in cases it is not possible to remove them from the jawbone through standard tooth extraction procedures. This treatment is applied in cases a part or all of the tooth remains impacted in the jawbone.

Why impacted teeth are extracted?

Impacted teeth may be a threat for surrounding tissues due to not having parallel positioning to the eruption profile required. For instance wisdom teeth, which can be frequently remain impacted, may cause destruction of neighbouring teeth tissues depending on their positions, distortions in teeth array, developments of infections in the surrounding bone or soft tissue. Eruption of impacted teeth not threatening the health of tissues inside the mouth may be enabled through surgical procedures and orthodontic applications when the suitable eruption profile can be provided. However, surgical extraction may be required for the tooth in question as this treatment will not be suitable in case these processes threaten the health of tissues on the route of eruption. You can easily get appointment from our clinic and receive detailed information about your need of treatment by having examined by our expert doctors.

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